LEA members throughout the world have a shared philosophy of providing a high quality, professional and personal service to their clients, principally in the areas of auditing, accounting, taxation, investigations, corporate financial re- organization, management consulting, financial planning, mergers and evaluation of companies.

KHADER provide the full range of financial advisory services you would expect from an international accounting organization, consistent with local professional or legislative practice.

The services we provide are:

§  Audit Services

We offer engagements to examine our client's financial statements and to evaluate the fairness of presentation of the statements on conformity with international accepted accountancy principles.

Our examination is conducted in accordance with international accepted auditing standards, which include a review of the system of internal control and tests of transactions to the extent we believe necessary.

§  Tax Services

Our firm offers non – chargeable services concerning ordinary tax consultations. On the other hand, we offer tax consultative services, tax planning assessment of taxable income and tax reserves.

Also we offer management information related to aspects of forecasting projection of operating results, different tax saving opportunities available to clients, preparing and supervising the annual income tax declaration besides and other related services.

§  Management Consulting Services

A full range of management consulting services is offered to business, industry and governmental bodies including:
  • Design and implementation of administrative financial and accounting structures.

  • Administrative management studies, surveys procedures, evaluation if efficiency and performance of personnel, sections and departments within the enterprise.

  • Design and implementation of management and job organizational charts.

  • Design of job description for personnel at all levels.

§  Financial Consulting Services

 Wide ranges of investment appraisal and investigation assignments are offered. There assignments include:   

  • Preparation of feasibility studies.

  • Share & business evaluations, cash flow charts, projections and budgetary services.

  • Marketing consultations and studies.

  • Industrial consultations and studies.

  • Commercial arbitration.

  • Liquidation, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions.